Game Center FAQ


Can I use store credit to purchase items at the Game Center?

No. All items at the Game Center are cash/card only. You can still use your store credit on our website and have products shipped to you.


Can I order Products at and have them shipped to the Game Center for pick up?

At this time, we are only selling what you can purchase through the Game Center website. No orders will be processed through our Game Center.


Can we sell cards at the Game Center?

To limit staff exposure to Covid-19 we will not be taking in products for the time being. You can still sell your cards on our website through our buylist or You Box, We Buy program.


What products are available at the Game Center?

We carry only sealed product for Magic, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Flesh & Blood, and Sports Cards in store at this time.


Are there any tournaments currently going on?

Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, we will not be holding events or letting anyone inside of the store at this time.


Who can I contact for questions/concerns?

Email us at for all questions. We'll get back to you with in 1-3 business days due to limited staff. We are not on site often enough to have an available phone number to call.


How soon after I place an order on the Game Center website will it be available for pick up?

You can pick up your order within 30 minutes of placing the order during our open hours:

Wednesday - Saturday

3pm - 9pm


What's required to pick up an order?

You will need to present an ID that matches the name on the order to pick it up.


Can a friend pick up my order?

Yes! Add their name/leave a note on the order, or email us at with your order number and who is approved to pick it up.